industrial & commercial ROOFTOP SOLAR




-Competitive project cost e.g. Tk 75-80/Wp.

-Cheaper Electricity then that of national grid

-Loan Amount: 80% of the Project Cost

Industrial And Commercial Rooftop Solar Solution

Rooftop solar solution is a net meter based commercial project designed to solve energy generation, reduce dependency on national grid, and ultimately to save electric cost up to 50% on day time. Besides it reduces cost and use of liquid fuel and natural gas for generator users. Moreover, for its longevity up to 25 years, the cost will remain negligible for long term. Here, BRIGHT-i is offering you the best solution on your engineering, procurement, commissioning and also providing support to receive loan with only 6% of interest.


-Financial support from IDCOL.

-Prepaid based system.

-Households obtain electricity from a decent system.

Solar Mini Grid

What are Mini Grid/ Micro Grids :
Both Mini-grid and Micro-Grid are solar based electricity generating unit with arrangement to distribute it to a community. Generally it is designed and implemented in off grid areas. As off-grid areas are also becoming busy, so that there is huge opportunity for commercial and social development through the system


-Net meter based projects.

-Surface & submersible type.

-Suitable for irrigation, drinking water and general pumping purposes.

Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumping system consists of solar array, solar pumping controller and water pump. The unavailability of grid power or the high costs of using diesel engines to provide irrigation means that good land is not used to its fully capability. A solar water pumping system combined with your preferred irrigation system and some smart planning can deliver water wherever you need it. Solar water pumping systems are a perfect match for irrigation for remote locations where more sun increased the demand for water.


-Reduce charging cost.

-Reduce system loss from national grid.

-Scope of having loan from IDCOL at single digit interest rate.

Solar Charging Station

As use of electric battery based transports increases in the country, the charging of batteries became major issue also. In many areas there is no formal way to charge these batteries, thus unauthorized connection is used to charge these batteries in many places of the country. In this context, government sponsored projects started to be taken to establish solar powered battery charging stations. These stations are generally charged by solar power through solar panels so that it saves system loss of national grid.